Best Chairs For Back Pain

April 16, 2016Sciatica Standard

Are you suffering from back pain or health problems related to your body?

Not sure what to do? Well, today’s article will be discussing about some of my favorite furniture or tools you can use to help improve your health. The first thing we will be discussing is about chairs. Are you currently sitting on a really uncomfortable chair or one that is old? Well, did you know that chairs are one of the major factors leading to health problems related to your spine and back. By having a bad posture and a faulty chair you are not only secretly harming yourself but also preventing yourself from healing. It is important that you sit in an upright position with a good posture or else it’ll strain your back and you’ll start to feel pain the longer you sit like that. My 3 favorite stools and chairs for a better posture are
1. The Swooper Stool

The Swooper Stool
This is one of my favourite stools as it is not only really handy but also very flexible. It is so small that it can fit anywhere, don’t be deceived by it’s look. By not having a back support you are sort of encourage and forced to have an upright posture. This is important for recovering from any back problems. The chair is also really easy to use and assemble that anyone can do it. The chair is commonly used in barber shops and can be adjusted to your liking. If you would like it higher than there is a little adjustable lever for you.
2. Core Chair

Core Chair
This is another really great chair that can improve your health. The chair was designed by scientists and is designed to help you exercise your core muscles. Even if you don’t like exercising, this’ll do it for you. Your abdominal muscles are one of the biggest factors affecting your posture and back support. By strengthening you are able to maintain it for longer periods of time as well as reduce any pain associated with it.

wooble chair

3. The wooble chair  is a chair that looks unusual and strange. It however was designed to wobble to increase your muscle exercise. If you don’t like moving around or moving then this chair will force you to. This specific chair will increase and engage your core, back leg as well as your muscles during your work. It’ll also force you to maintain balance or else you risk falling off. This can be distracting at first, but once you get used to it. It feels really fun and natural.


Purchasing some cushions for your current chair is also a good idea as cushions can make your seat more comfortable. At home, I personally have some rocking chair cushions which I found from These cushions cost around 70 dollars each and have been a lifesaver so far. They are not only extremely comfortable but also feel great and are made of excellent quality. I have had mine for little less than 6 months and they are still going strong without any signs of breaking anytime soon. I would highly recommend them if anyone is looking for some cushions for their rocking chair.

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