5 Natural Methods For Hemorrhoids Relief

June 26, 2015Hemorrhoid Standard

5 Natural Methods For Hemorrhoids Relief

Hemorrhoids is a very painful condition and every patient suffering from it looks for a quick hemorrhoid relief. Below are some natural techniques of getting immediate relief from the constant pain and irritation that is caused by this disease:

  • Warm Water

Warm water is known for releasing the pain from the body. After a stressful day or an intensive workout, people generally take a bath of warm water to relax their muscles and drain out all the pain from their bodies. This is applicable to hemorrhoid patients as well. By soaking their lower portion in warm water for about half an hour daily and repeating this a couple of times every day, these people can get a lot of relief from their pain. This warm water also helps in improving the blood circulation in the region, which goes a along way in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

  • Cypress Oil

Not many people like to use this hemorrhoid relief technique due to the strong and pungent smell of this oil, but this oil can great power for soothing the inflammation and taking away all the discomfort of the body. In spite of its bad smell, many people do use it for reducing their irritation levels in the body caused due to hemorrhoids. This oil can be bought from any store which sells oil and it can be directly applied to the afflicted area. It is 100% natural and hence no supervision of any doctor is required for the use of the same.

  • Moist Wipes

A soothing feeling can be instantly felt through the use of moist wipes and aloe-vera oil. Every time the patient goes to the toilet, no matter for what purpose, these moist wipes should be used and after cleanup, aloe-vera should be applied to the afflicted portion. Thus, these two toiletries should be kept handy at all times by people suffering from hemorrhoids. Many people use the combination of these use items even when they have not visited the toilet just for the sake of the immediate hemorrhoid relief that they give.

  • White Oak Bark

White oak bark is a natural herb. It has qualities which are similar to that of aspirin. Due to it’s this quality of being similar to aspirin, it is a good source of pain relief for the patients suffering from hemorrhoids. It is available in the market in both forms, i.e. in the form of a cream and also in the form of tablets. It is better to orally take this painkiller rather than tropically apply it on the afflicted area.

  • Ginger

Last but not the least, ginger can also go a long way in helping in the release of the pain caused by hemorrhoids and also assist in the treatment of the same as well. The main cause of hemorrhoids is believed to be poor blood circulation. Through the consumption of ginger, the blood flow in the body can be improved, thus reducing the effects of hemorrhoids. Ginger also has many anti-inflammatory qualities which also help in providing relief from hemorrhoids.



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