Angular Cheilitis Treatment Options

July 2, 2015Angular Cheilitis Standard

Angular Cheilitis

What Is Angular Cheilitis?

Cheilitis represents a series of inflammatory wounds affecting the lips. Practically, these superficial inflammations tend to target the mouth corners. The keratin loses its elasticity, so lips tend to crack and cause painful sensations. The problem spreads from the corners and targets the entire mouth. As a direct consequence, patients feel like wetting their lips, not to mention picking them. These natural tendencies are contraindicated though, as they aggravate the wounds. People naturally assume that their lips crack because they are not properly hydrated. This might be a cause, but it has nothing to do with the cheilitis treatment.

Causes of angular cheilitis

Once diagnosed, cheilitis comes in several forms. It is the doctor’s responsibility to identify it and give the right treatment. Angular cheilitis is among the most common forms. It is usually an acute inflammation, yet it can also become chronic. It affects the mouth corners. It is easy to identify in the mirror though. It comes with a small and harsh triangular area – erythematosus or edematous. It normally affects both corners. Sometimes, it only targets one corner. But since it spreads pretty fast, it is less likely to persist on one side only. There are also more severe causes where it can cause harsh cracks and fissures, especially if overlooked for too long.

Angular cheilitis is provoked by more factors though. Some of them are infectious – like Candida albicans. Other infectious causes include staphylococci, streptococci and enterococci. On a different note, infections can be mixt. The medical angular cheilitis cure is usually alike in both of these situations.

Angular cheilitis might have a mechanical nature sometimes. The excessive tooth brushing is likely to harm both the gums and the lips. When pushing too hard, people inevitably push over their lips as well. This is a more natural cause that can be handled by reducing the pressure. Nutritional deficiencies may cause similar problems, not to mention skin related affections. Identifying the type is extremely important before treating your angular cheilitis. Different causes require different therapies. For instance, it is worthless to apply a bacterial treatment if the affection is caused by the aggressive tooth brushing moves.

All in all, the treatment for angular cheilitis is easy to understand – it implies targeting the triggering factors. Once the causes are cleared, the problematic area and painful sensations will move on by themselves. The treatment can be medical in severe situations, yet most people can overcome the problem with some basic homemade remedies too.

From minor cheilitis to severe cheilitis

Minor angular cheilitis can easily get along unnoticed and cures on its own. Skin blistering in the corners and stiffness are some of the main symptoms. The patient might experience some discomfort when laughing, yawning or opening the mouth wide. Sometimes, the affection evolves into a moderate stage. This is when people actually observe the symptoms. Uneasiness when eating or laughing is noticeable. Skin also crumbles around the corners, not to mention the puffiness. In the severe cases, angular cheilitis causes split mouth corners. Given the everyday mouth uses, they are more difficult to heal. Ideally, patients should not wait until they reach to this stage, but get an angular cheilitis treatment right away.

How To Cure Angular Cheilitis Using Home Remedies

There are numerous home remedies for angular cheilitis that can be applied at home, but not every angular cheilitis treatment might work. Knowing how to treat Angular Cheilitis is important, if you apply it in an incipient stage, chances are that they will work wonders.



Neem leaves are among the most popular naturist elements against mouth corner affections. Despite their popularity as an angular cheilitis treatment, they are not so common in commerce. Preparing a topical solution is not hard. Just get some fresh leaves and extract the juice from them. You do not need too many, since they are juicy. Crush them, get the juice, then apply it to the affected area. How does it work? Simple. Neem leaves are excellent against microorganisms, so they will clear the affection if it is caused by fungi or bacteria.

LemonsLemons are more common because they are also highly accessible. The harsh lemon juice is used in a series of natural remedies. You do not necessarily have to apply the juice though. When home alone, you can just as well cut a small piece of lemon, then stick it to the corners of your mouth. If you plan to go out or you are at work, feel free to apply a little juice upfront. This way, the juice will act on the infection, but it will also protect the mouth corners against farther issues. Ideally, you should keep the area covered throughout the entire day.

 how to cure angular cheilitis

Cocoa butter is used in a wide plethora of homemade remedies against numerous infections. It is also an efficient angular cheilitis cure, especially if the infection is in a mild or moderate form. Cocoa butter can be used for maintenance as well. All in all, it becomes an excellent moisturizer – most importantly, a natural one. It helps patients overcome dry and chapped lips. You only need a small amount on your finger, then apply it mildly on the lips. Wash your hands after or you risk contaminating the recipient. The application should be done a few times a day. You can also find lipsticks based on cocoa butter. Just make sure than they are 100% natural.

angular cheilitis treatment

Moisturizers and lip balms can go even farther. Most women use lip balms, but it is your responsibility to make the difference between naturist products and worthless chemicals that will aggravate the condition. Virgin coconut oil and petroleum jelly are some of the first things to look for. They can heal the problem, but they also become an angular cheilitis treatment that can be applied in public with no problems at all. Keep in mind that flavored and scented lip balms are likely to be filled with chemicals. All in all, keep the lips moisturized round the clock. Do it before going to sleep too.


Honey is another great home remedy for angular cheilitis, among many other affections. Why? Easy – it is excellent against microorganisms, especially those harmful microorganisms that cause infections. The procedure is fairly simple though. Get a little honey on a spoon, then apply it on both corners and let it rest for 20 minutes. You can use it with cucumber too. Make sure that you do not contaminate the whole jar. Once you take the honey out of the jar, do not put it back in. Cucumber works greatly even if you do not have honey around. Cut a small slice and rub it gently on the affected area, then let the slice sit on it. It is mostly used to treat symptoms like soreness, but it will not work against microorganisms though.

aloe Vera

Aloe Vera should not be a miss from your treatment options either. Aloe Vera can treat most types of dermatological infections and this one makes no exception either. Tear a small leaf or perhaps a part of it, then rub it on the corners of your mouth. It might be a good idea to refrigerate it for an hour or two before applying. Squeeze it, get the liquid out on the corners and let it dry for around half an hour. You can rinse later or just reapply a new round.


Do not forget about water either! The simplest treatment for angular cheilitis is based on water. Patients must hydrate themselves round the clock. Drink at least 10 glasses of water on a daily basis, only to prevent dry and chapped lips. With time, they will develop cracks. If you suffer from a mild or moderate form of angular cheilitis, you may not even require other treatments because they can heal on their own too.

Sure, it does pay off to rush this natural healing process, so come up with a naturist homemade mixture and apply it regularly. What do you need for it? Simple – one tablespoon of vitamin E oil, 2 tablespoons of tea tree oil and half a tablespoon of petroleum jelly. Mix all these ingredients until you obtain an even texture, then apply the result on the mouth corners. Do it as many times as you can during a day, depending on your lifestyle and daily activities. This mixture is great to cure the slits around the corners.

Medical angular cheilitis treatment options

You do not have to be a specialist doctor to figure the discomfort around your lips and the corners of the mouth. Identifying angular cheilitis is certainly not hard, yet the doctor might become useful if it persists and its causes are unknown. Medical treatments do not necessarily have to be based on chemicals though. For example, some specialists recommend natural remedies. They are available in naturist stores and even pharmacies. They come as ointments, creams, gels and solutions. All of them are topical. Some of them can provide results within a day or two. They relieve irritation and redness, but they also clear the inflammation.

Of course, the advice from a doctor might be based on actual medications and chemicals too. But then, every medication in the world has secondary reactions, even if they are often mild and insignificant. Given the wide plethora of naturist solutions, it is no surprise why so many people choose the healthy approach.

When angular cheilitis heals on its own

Even if you do not use any angular cheilitis treatment, the affection can heal on its own. Sometimes, it might take a week or two. In other cases, it can take months. It spreads fairly fast by direct contact, so patients can contract it from someone with a mild and invisible form. However, it can affect your appearance and self-esteem, so most patients choose to treat themselves instead of waiting. Furthermore, a severe form is less likely to heal by itself.

Preventing angular cheilitis

Although the natural cures for angular cheilitis is harmless and efficient, it is highly recommend to prevent instead of treating. Preventing angular cheilitis is not such a challenge if you make a few changes in your lifestyle and habits. Licking your lips round the clock is contraindicated. If you find them dry, use a moisturizer instead. Also, drink at least eight glasses of water everyday for a top-notch hydration. The personal hygiene is not to be overlooked either. Brush your teeth a few times a day and do not forget about the mouth.

When it comes to your immune system, boosting it implies taking supplements of iron, folate and vitamin B. Deficiencies in your body can open it up to plenty of infections.


In conclusion, the treating angular cheilitis is not a challenge. Just make sure that you apply it when you spot the first signs, but also make it consistent. Chances are the infection will not cure overnight. One or two random applications will not work at their best, so consistency is the key to success.

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